The Art of Being Sure

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Image via pinterest

Wherever you are on the spectrum between Kanye and complete insecurity, you have undoubtedly experienced times where you are so sure of who you are and what you want that nothing could change your mind. You could convince anyone of that thing you are sure about.


And since you are human, you have also experienced times where you are unsure of how you feel about certain situations or you are unsure if you can really have what you want, if you are good enough for the job, good enough for the guy, etc. You may even convince yourself that you are just “not there yet” or that you need more qualifications before you can get that particular job or get more of your life together before you can really enjoy it. 

But what about the people who have amazing careers, amazing relationships, and who are incredibly good at getting what they want? Did they go through the same doubts and fears you face or were they just born better looking, more qualified, or better connected?

Does being "sure" about what you want really mean the difference between having it and not?

How can you start getting what you want?


I think it is a formula of one deep breath and one step forward at a time. You have to believe that you can win and that you have the power and ability to make your life what you want it to be.  And then you have to take action. You have to go out and get what you want.


What is it about being so sure of your ideas, your hopes, and of what you want that makes you unstoppable?


Does being unsure cripple us from getting what we want? Or do we just need to decide what we want and stick to our guns?


How much more successful would we be at achieving our goals and loving our lives if we just decided to practice the art of being sure?


What if we tried it out for a week. What if we didn’t backtrack with our thoughts and doubt ourselves? What if we didn’t backpedal or tiptoe around our dreams and goals? What if we talked about what we wanted to do and what we wanted to get a little less and let our actions tell the story? What if we had such a deep sense of surety within ourselves that we didn’t have to talk about all of our dreams and goals with other people just so that they could validate our ideas and help us become more "sure"?


How much more effective could we be and how much more would we enjoy our lives in the present?  

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