What if the answer was "yes." ?

What if we looked at life as if everything was certain to be answered with a “yes”


What job would we apply for?


What would we hope for?


What would we ask for?


Which of our gifts and talents would we give to others that we are holding back for fear of rejection, or inaptitude?


In this life, we usually complicate and overthink things to the point that we are not completely ourselves around the people in our lives. It is easy to hold back our witty quick responses when we think the other person might not get our humor or might not understand us.


But that’s the only way people can get to know how amazing we really are.


What if we began to observe the little quirks and habits people do that make them unique? What if we noticed those things and let them know we noticed? Its actually flattering to hear someone tell you something about yourself. 



Laura DowdyComment