What makes you annoyed? Is it being on a hot, crowded subway train on the weekend and rushing around the city in 90-degree weather when you want to be in the Hamptons? 
Why is it that some people are happy just gliding through life in circumstances that make other people annoyed to the point of immense, feverish angst? 
Are there varying degrees of tolerance for different people? Or do we all want the same things and only some of us are awake enough to realize what we want? Do we recognize the best when it presents itself?  
Is tolerance of miserable circumstances a good thing or are we making ourselves become comfortable with lower and lower levels of excellence? 
What wakes up your deepest passions and makes you feel alive? Where is the last place you have been that was a completely new experience? When is the last time you dreamed about something?

What annoys you? And what are you going to do about it?

Laura DowdyComment